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Walter Hayes Trophy 2016

Winner - Niall Murray.'], //["image_path", "optional description"] ['images/wht_title_top/wht_2015_001.jpg', '

Walter Hayes Trophy 2015

Winner - Graham Carroll.'], ['images/title_top/racing_137.jpg', '

Walter Hayes Trophy 2014

Winner - Wayne Boyd.'], ['images/title_top/racing_092.jpg', '

Walter Hayes Trophy 2013

Winner - Scott Malvern.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_013_001.jpg', '

WHT 2013

Scott Malvern takes early lead in final.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_013_002.jpg', '

WHT 2013

Ian Gough & Chris Middlehurst.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_013_003.jpg', '

WHT 2013

Heat 1 Winner Oliver White leads.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_013_004.jpg', '

WHT 2013

Vincenzo Sospiri (Van Diemen RF88).'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_012_001.jpg', '

WHT 2012

2012 Trophy Winner Tristan Nunez.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_012_002.jpg', '

WHT 2012

Joey Foster & Peter Dempsey.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_011_001.jpg', '

WHT 2011

Surprise Winner Adrian Campfield.'], ['images/wht_title_top/wht_011_002.jpg', '

WHT 2011

Wayne Boyd leads the pack.'], ['images/wht_2011/walter_hayes_2011.jpg', '

WHT 2011

Dave Coyne (Swift SC92F).'] //<--no trailing comma after very last image element! ], displaymode: {type:'auto', pause:3000, cycles:1, stoponclick:false, pauseonmouseover:true}, navbuttons: ['images/left.gif', 'images/right.gif', 'up.gif', 'down.gif'], // path to nav images activeslideclass: 'selectedslide', // CSS class that gets added to currently shown DIV slide orientation: 'h', //Valid values: "h" or "v" persist: true, //remember last viewed slide and recall within same session? slideduration: 500 //transition duration (milliseconds) })

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Walter Hayes Trophy 2016 - Grand Final
This is our Walter Hayes Trophy videos homepage, Walter Hayes Trophy motorsport videos at Silverstone.

This is VFS Motor Racing Videos Walter Hayes Trophy Homepage. Featuring video films of Walter Hayes Trophy races taken at Silverstone 2003 to 2018.

Please feel free to browse pages from our Walter Hayes Trophy videos and if you have raced between 2003 and 2018 and would like to know if we have film of you, contact us by Email, you can also find us on Facebook, just click on the Facebook icon at the top of this page.

Please note that this website uses PayPal to take payments, you do not need a PayPal account to use this payment option and can still pay by credit card.

We at VFS Motor Racing Videos wish all competitors and supporters of the HSCC Walter Hayes Trophy another successful and enjoyable season of racing during 2019.

Regards VFS Motor Racing Videos.

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