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Welcome to    
VFS Motor Racing Videos &
Motor Sport Memorabilia

Club Motorsport throughout the UK & Europe.
VFS Videos Sponsors Dave Coyne in WHT 2011

VFS Motor Racing Videos have been filming club motorsport throughout the UK and Europe since the late 1980s'. We have carried out filming for many different clubs and one make race series since those early happy days of filming back in 1988.

One feature we are known for is that we endeavour to film all participants taking part in the races, not just the guys doing all the winning and front runners but also the drivers taking part in a race for the first time, even drivers a lap or two laps down and also we cover drivers racing for the lead in their prospective classes throughout the field.

During this time we have carried out sponsor seeking videos for single drivers and small teams making their way up the motorsport ladder to Formula 1 and world sports cars and filmed a day in the life of a racing club carrying out the challenging tasks of putting on a race meeting for its members.

Over the years we have carried out work for the TR Racing Register, Porsche 924 race series, Historic Replicar Championship, Formula Junior, Pre War Austin 7s', MG Metros', MG Cockshoot Cup and Walter Hayes Trophy to list just a few.

We have also carried out filming at the prodigious Historic Grand Prix at Monaco for the Formula Junior Historic Racing Association and the HARC Historic Zandvoort Trophy at Zandvoort for the MG FISC Euro Tour Race Series.

In 2011 we entered the dizzy world of motor racing sponsorship, supporting Formula Ford legend and Ex Formula Ford Festival winner Dave Coyne in the end of season Formula Ford shoot out "The Walter Hayes Trophy".

In 2013 we filmed the Bergamo Historic Grand Prix in northern Italy. Not a race as such but a celebration of an event that took place in the old town in 1935 and won by Tazio Nuvolari in a Alfa Romeo, also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the death of Tazio who died in 1953.

Once again in 2018 we at VFS Motor Racing Videos will be carring out filming for race series such as MG sports car racing, historic car racing, modern sports/saloons and single seaters.

Please feel free to browse our website if you have raced between 1988 and 2017 and would like to know if we have film of you, contact us by Email sales@vfsvideos.co.uk, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and we also have a YouTube channel, just click on the icons at the top of this page.

Please note that this website uses PayPal to take payments, you do not need a PayPal account to use this payment option and can still pay by credit card.

We at VFS Motor Racing Videos wish all competitors and supporters another successful and enjoyable season of racing during 2018.

Regards VFS Motor Racing Videos.

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