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Ford Archive Films

Lotus in the 60's

This extraordinary collection of noteworthy films from the Ford archives offers a unique insight into a golden era of motorsport on both sides of the Atlantic. Lotus in the Sixties charts the groundbreaking relationship between bespoke British racing and sportscar manufacturer Lotus and the giant Ford Motor Company. The design genius of Colin Chapman allied to the technological know-how of Ford shook up the racing world and changed the face of motorsport forever.

Included on this release, 'American Revolution' tells of the arrival of the iconic Ford-powered, rear-engined Lotus which Jim Clark used to take victory at the Indy 500 in 1965, beating the likes of Bobby Unser and Parnelli Jones.

'First Time Out' records the birth of a legend; the first race of the Lotus 49 and its revolutionary Ford DFV engine. Spectacular archive footage, shot at the famous Zandvoort Circuit in 1967, shows Jim Clark once more dominating the opposition as he and teammate Graham Hill give the car and engine a perfect debut.

Two years later and the 49, with its Ford powerplant, is still the combination to beat as Graham Hill put his years of experience to use to win his fifth Monaco Grand Prix. The footage here shows off his skill, bravery and determination combined with the power and handling of the Ford/Lotus combination to good effect.

Running time: 54 mins;
Format: DVD (PAL);
Condition: New;
Catalogue No: 3973;
Release Date: 16th April 2007;
Price: £14.99;   NOW! £12.49:

Running time: 54 mins;
Format: DVD (NTSC);
Condition: New;
Catalogue No: 3973NV;
Release Date: 18th February 2014;
Price: £14.99:

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