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Touing Car Championship Reviews

The British Touring Car Championship 2018

Every single year the BTCC Official Review delivers bang after bang after bang. This is our pick as the 'most bang for yer buck' motorsport review of the year. With over seven and a half hours of entertainment across two discs, this is a review that will take more than one sitting, which is great when there's nothing on the tele and you're craving the warm days of summer, the screech of tyres, the roar of the exhaust and racing so close you wouldn't get a postage stamp between the bumpers.

With highlights of every race, all shot in HD, and the usual expert commentary and analysis this is simply a must-have for any tintop fan. Or any fan of proper foot-to-the-floor, white knuckle racing for that matter.

Colin Turkington's third championship title proves that consistency is the most important characteristic when there is a hugely talented and fiercely competitive grid at every race of the season.

In a season which saw seventeen different drivers take individual race wins, the Northern Irish driver showed his experience and skill in keeping his nose clean and getting the scores on the board when it counted.

Twelve makes of car were represented on the track, whether as constructor teams or running as privateers. As second-placed Tom Ingram showed, not being an official constructor team is no bar to challenging for the overall win in the BTCC.

As fans have come to expect the title fight went down to the last round, at Brands Hatch GP, as Turkington and Ingram battled for the laurels with just 34 points between them, both carrying success weights and with only 67 points available in total.

A thrilling season is recapped in maximum detail on the mighty, two-disc, official review. Get sucked into the heart of the action with the onboard cameras, stay up to date with progress throughout the season with detailed analysis and experience the thrill of every close overtake, each big spin, crunch, bump and shunt. This is BTCC 2018.

BTCC Championship 2018;
Format: DVD (PAL);
Condition: New;
Catalogue No: 3947;
Release Date: 19 November 2018;
Price: £16.99 inc.   £19.99:

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